Want to improve your WordPress security?

Site security is a huge problem for poorly maintained sites everywhere. Malware and hack attacks are a real threat to websites, especially WordPress.


Outdated themes, plugins, and WordPress version are the number one way hackers gain access to your site (besides brute force hacks of your login). Even deactivated themes and plugins can leave your system vulnerable. You can find here the best practices for keeping your site up to date.

Secure Your WordPress Site & Stop Hackers. Your site will be safe and secure with 24/7 monitoring. If anything out of the ordinary does happen, your site can be fixed and back to normal in no time.

We’ll fix, secure, protect and optimize your WordPress

An expert can manage it for you 24/7.

Malware / Virus

Your WordPress site has been hacked? Does it behave strangely? Has it been blacklisted by Google?
We can put your WordPress site back in service and prevent future infections. We are specialized in eliminating malicious programs on WordPress sites.

Monitoring 24/7

Secure setup and ongoing monitoring is valuable for small businesses that can’t afford to hire a full-time security staffer.

Hack protection & cleanup

We do everything in our power to prevent your site from getting hacked.  This includes real time scanning, monitoring & security updates.  But, if your site gets hacked, then our security team will fix it, right away. You are truly protected!

SSL and HTTPS with WordPress

Using SSL – and in turn HTTPS – to protect your WordPress site and its visitors is a Google have-to. It can help improve your site’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

If you are running an eCommerce website, then you absolutely need a SSL certificate specially if you are collecting payment information. If your site requires users to log in or provide personal information such as their name, address, credit card details and the like, you need SSL protection. Most payment providers like Stripe, PayPal Pro, Authorize.net, etc will require you to have a secure connection using SSL. Without it, your user’s information can be easily compromised.

Are you looking to move from HTTP to HTTPS and install a SSL certificate on your WordPress site?

If you are starting a new site and/or want to use HTTPS everywhere on your site, then you need to update your site URL.

We will help you get an SSL certificate and install it on your website. The prefix https will appear in front of your website URL rather than the default http. You will also notice a green padlock appear in the address field of your browser.

(Services: Brute-force Protection, Spam Protection, Backup Archive, Malware Scanning, Uptime Monitoring)

Your WordPress site will be safe and secure with 24/7 monitoring.

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